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Ok ok,

Deception is a false reality imposed on a true reality. It is a fragile and complex weaving of truth, half truths’, lies and lies of omission. To successfully deceive another or several people, one must be skilled in the art of deception. To create a deception worthy of belief one must be able to create plausible details that help create the illusion of truth.

It is the details that people listen to and remember and the one deceiving is obligated to remember these detail in order to avoid having the lie exposed. The problem with remembering the lies we tell is that people are basically all good and we tend to forget the bad things we’ve done. In order to successfully perpetuate deception, the liar must be willing to live that lie when necessary. This becomes the tangled web we weave, especially when first we practice to deceive.

ps: Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive

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Ethireeyin Kangal 
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Ethireeyin kangalukku agappadaamal adikka, avan kan imayyin adiyil nee pathungu.

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Downsize Me! 
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Miniture Meal

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Valluvar Said 
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Muganaga natpadhu natpandru; nenjathu aganaga natpadhu Natpu

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Bob prefers – on philosophy 
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Bob prefers Confucius to Thiru Valluvar.

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The Arena 
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Ok ok,

Watched Aadukalam recently. A movie where, the hero does not dream about being in Venice or Budapest, does not dance with hip shaking women with belly buttons deeper than my pocket, a movie where in-fights have a touch of realism, music is effervescent and locations that make you feel the warmth and smell where the movie is shot. And that’s something everyone would love to see, or at least what i would love to see more.

Aadukalam does not symbolize realism, it’s not another main stream commercial movie, it’s in between, more like the silence between flutters. It has a story that has never been told, and told in a way that has never been told and viewed by a generation who could never believe this story if not this convincingly portrayed.

Kudos to the technical expertise in film making and pain staking attention to details.

ps: Kondey Poduvennn !!

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Udalaa Uyiraa 
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Uyir, Ellaam valla Iraivanukku. Udal, mannukaa, alla manaivikaa?

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3-Way Steve 
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Nokia is finally ditching its Finnish 200kg Gay Gorilla for a Slick Nympho from Redmond to combat the awesomeness of the Red Dark Fruit of the Sith.

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Full of unThankfulness 
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Ok ok,

The last 2 months were about as pleasant for me as (pick one):

a. using a rabid porcupine to scratch my back.
b. having a head that looks exactly like a soccer ball and living in Brazil.
c. being Darth Vader about an hour before he gets the helmet.

That’s because i (more like me as a small part of a very talented group) have just stabilised a new project. Its more or less over now and or atleast my part is. For the first time in many months now, i can breathe through my nose again. For those of you thinking about the same plight that you are in, I’d say its worth it (now that its over, i can start talking like its no matter).

I’m also thankful that my particular skill set includes fixing broken keyboards and mice. I could have been born with the skill for painting miniature pyramids on bottle caps. I’m lucky and thankful for it being otherwise.

I’m thankful that I can reach almost every part of my body in case I get an itch. Except for the middle of my back, which is the only place I ever get one. But I’m not going to quibble today. I’m thankful.

I’m thankful for my kind neighbour from the top floor who shares his wireless bandwidth with me every time i log in my laptop. He has been a great help although he doesn’t know it. I have renamed his connection profile as “Frenly Neighbour”.

I’m also thankful that i do not have to nurse multiple injuries after a bicycle injury down a steep slope. Or a broken heart for that matter. God Bless.

I’m sure there are a more things I should be thankful for, but I take all of those things for granted. And the privilege of doing so is perhaps the thing I am most thankful for.

To my fellow readers, have a great “TGIF” tomorrow. When was the last time you thought about what you would want to be thankful about?

ps: Darth Vader endorses Volkswagen now!!!

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JailBreak 4.2.1 
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Jailbreak for IOS 4.2.1 works flawlessly. Greenpois0n RC5B2.

Apps tested working with IOS 4.2.1
– SBSetting (With Toggles)
– iBlackList
– iBlueNova
– Bitesms
– pkgBackup
– InfiniDock
– CyDelete
– LockInfo
– QuickLock
– Iconoclasm
– Cydia
– Winterboard
– 3G Unrestrictor
– AndriodLock XT
– Fontswap
– removeBG
– Installous 4


Lockscreen 1

Homescreen 1

Homescreen 2

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