Guest Bloggers Needed 
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No Thoughts still dry. Writer’s Block.

Looking For Guest Bloggers, to pump in fresh blood.

Gimme a ring if you can write like a tomato.

You don’t need a bachelor’s degree to apply.

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Return of the Rambling Fool … 
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” Hakim works for a government Law Enforcement Agency. He strives to keep the crime rate low, nearly killing a few in the process. His cyber alias “A Boy Named Goo”, is still being researched upon and scholors are divided on its origin. Known for his dry sarcasm, the public knows him as a very rude man. He loves cream, cherries and books. He lives in northern Singapore and tries to clean his room regularly.”

*The following entry is an excerpt from the author’s private blog. As a guest blogger of and too lazy to write a fresh piece of entry .. the author has decided to publish selected articles from his blog. WARNING: You MAY get a headache reading the extremely poor punctuated article. The author would like to stress that his thoughts are expressed in the following manner. He too, gets an acute headache just thinking it and therefore cannot be responsible for any ailments caused by this blog.

Hello good netizens!

Its been a while since I wrote in … its been about a year in fact … like I’ve said .. I’m never the type to stick to something for long … but something weird happened today … something nobody could EVER imagine … something that MUST be written in black and white (or whatever coloured font of your preference).. yes .. boys and girls … today .. on the 8th April 2006 .. I received good customer service in Singapore.!!! That’s right … it exists … like the supernatural … it appears to you when you least expect it … Therefore .. like any other government brain washed citizen … I felt compelled to give her the “GEMS” card .. (u know the little pink cards placed on dining tables that I initially thought were only useful, if you wanna pass your phone number to some cute waitress) Anyways … the place I’m talking about took place at a quaint little Pizza Hut in Marina Square … (just in case you’d be interested to go phenomenon hunting) .. Don’t go for the food though .. that darn place was so quaint .. they can’t fit a salad bar in it.

Hey … before you service-line people start shooting me hate comments … let me say for the record … I worked in the service-line before … and in a way .. I still am right now .. and I know that some … no .. most people out there don’t deserve to be served nicely … they’re rude … obnoxious … demanding … spoilt … and they definitely do not deserve a glimpse of my yellow, coffee-stained smile .. but hey … nobody ever said life was fair …

I know of people … myself included .. who say things like … “excuse me”, “thank you”, “sorry” so easily to service staffs .. but never to the people who really mattered … our loved ones … Do we say thank you to our mom when she cooks a warm meal or when that laundry gets done? I bet to most … it’d be easier to thank that cook .. or that Laundromat … yes, the one you paid for too … how bout when your dad gave you pocket money when you were younger? I bet you’d readily say thank you to the bank teller that just cashed in YOUR money … I’d go on … but you get the picture … It’s so easy to take our loved ones for granted … So maybe next time when someone you cared for had been waiting for hours while you finish your tons of work … and he suddenly missed your calls coz his phone sucked … before you screamed his ears off … don’t forget those ears were your faithful listeners while he rubs your stinky feet …

The North Westerner

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I’m lost in the noise of it all 
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“Emile works for the Singapore Armed Forces as an Technical Support Engineer. His cyber alias Meshuggah comes from his favourite rock band. He jams music for fun and eats cereals for breakfast. Ever a early adopter, he started blogging a few years back to express his thoughts on the world around him. He now lives in Western Singapore and shaves regularly.” | His Published Works

“What is the meaning of life?”

I’ve reached the point in my life where I can’t differentiate right from wrong, good or bad, God or the devil. It’s all a blur. Too many things to be done but I just don’t have the strength to sit down and think things through. It just requires too much effort. It was never a problem.

My future, studies and working life, is uncertain and that scares me. But I guess it scares everyone… all the time. So then, is it normal to feel scared? I’m always scared and that pisses me off really bad. I’m dying to be abnormal.

I hate myself sometimes I love myself.

I’m feeling so worthless and confused. It feels that I’ve been doing heaps of stuff but I can’t really account for what I’ve done, so really I’m just wasting time. I shudder to think how much time I’ve wasted. It’s time to be more efficient. I want to start doing things that I can, once again, feel proud of. But something’s changing. I can’t tell what and I just can’t concur on the issue.

What do I really want out of life? Fun! But it’s really hard to find the right balance of fun, work and studies, after which, you’re just left with pointless, fragmented mental footages of past occurrences. Again, there is nothing to account for what I’ve done.

The endless cycle at work also seem to prove unrewarding. Things are being done, but it isn’t for me. And at the end of the day, I’m left with nothing.

I miss a lot of my old friends that seem to have phased out from my life. All busy with life and all. It’s kind of heartbreaking actually. New friends will never replace old buddies. It will never be the same. But I have grown to accept it but will never understand why they choose to ignore my attempts. Maybe I’m missing something. To them, I wish them the best in life. I’m left with nothing, all lost in the noise of it all.

The choices you make, dictates the life you lead.

I aspire to be like Tony Montana in Scarface. He asked himself, “What do I want out of life.” And he made choices. After he and his friend, Manny, came to America from Cuba during the “Criminal Wave” and handling a few odd jobs in Florida, they started a business of selling cocaine. The two friends worked their way to the top and made a name for themselves. It’s simply amazing to consider that he actually arrived at another country with literally nothing! Now, what’s preventing me from making it big like him?

Maybe I’m just tired but something needs to be done about my life… before the damage is done.

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People actually like my top 10 lists! 
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“Emile works for the Singapore Armed Forces as an Technical Support Engineer. His cyber alias Meshuggah comes from his favourite rock band. He jams music for fun and eats cereals for breakfast. Ever a early adopter, he started blogging a few years back to express his thoughts on the world around him. He now lives in Western Singapore and shaves regularly.” His Published Works

I found a clip of their radio show.. that featured one of the entries I wrote for them…

You can download the segment of their show from here: Emile – Top Ten Reasons Why I Dont Smoke (Audio)

One was against me while the other was with my views.. think that’s how they run the show to make it exciting… but he suck for disagreeing with me. I’m always right no matter what. He’s rebuttals were weak. Period.


Courtesy >>

Top 10 reasons on why I don’t smoke

Sunday, October 23, 2005

10. Menthol light are bloody $11 per pack.

09. Smokers are always asking/beging for a stick.

08. Smokers smell, seriously, it’s worse than fart.

07. They look cooler when they get lung cancer.

06. 9 out of 10 smokers wants to quit but only 1 is successful. Everyone thinks they are ‘The ONE’.

05. I ain’t weak. I don’t succumb to peer pressure. I’m almighty. I don’t need a puny cig to look cool.

04. Morons contribute to the government.

03. People are trying their best to get in while people who are in it are trying hard to get out.

02. Mommy told me not to smoke.

01. I love myself too much.

I would like to thank the anti-smoking advertising campaign for doing such a good job at shocking the public with graphic pictures of a sliced, bloodied brain of a smoker who suffered from stroke and a cross section of a smoker who died from lung-cancer. The censorship board must hate you guys.


Will post more of my top 10 lists here for your viewing pleasure in time to come. =)

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