Look Around You 
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This is Hilarious … No one does it better than the British

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The Window has Closed 
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I had hoped for many months;
That it would come to be true.
Even as i knew that it would be an impossibility.
But the truth is, destiny has caught up;
Forever keeping the window closed.
Thank you, God Speed.

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Pinocchio’s Mouth 
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Ok ok,

To me, the most annoying thing about working in an office environment is that when you show up in the morning you say “hi” to everyone and then for some reason, you have to continue to greet these people all day every time you see them. You walk in at the start of the day, “Morning, Alice, morning, Mark. How are you doing?” “Fine.”

Ten minutes later you see them in the hall, again you say, “How you doing?” Now, I already know how he’s doing, I just saw him, he told me how he’s doing. But you’ve got to keep saying something each time you pass. So you keep coming up with different little greetings. You start coming up with nicknames for them. . . . “Jimbo.”

You do the little smile with the head raise. The almost imperceptible beneath-the breath “Hey” with a half-smile. If it’s a narrow passageway, thank God now you can say, “Excuse me.” But it has to have a very friendly singsong quality. You kind of go up a note on the “me.” If you feel more familiar, “Tight squeeze” is popular. When walking by a group of 3 or more men, “Gentlemen” is often used to confer an air of sophistication that is always misplaced.

Day-of-the-week references are always good, especially Monday or Friday because of the obligatory emotions that are assumed to go with them. Any mention of weekend seems to comfort people. “Good weekend?” “Had a good weekend?” People like anything with weekend in it. Thursday’s good for “One more day,” which usually prompts the easy “Yeah, can’t wait”.

We should all agree that we’re just going to say, “Acknowledge” as we pass people in the halls. You know, just walk by, “Acknowledge, acknowledge.” We’ll become ewoks for four seconds and not have to wrack our brains every time we just want to go to the bathroom or a coffee break.

ps: It’s a good thing i only go back to the office once or twice a week.

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Migration Completed 
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Have Migrated to WordPress;
Happy Lunar New Year 2009.

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Word Press 2.7 
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Ok ok,

After the re-design, i have been experimenting with other blogging platforms for better publishing power. Tested Nucleus, B2Evolution, Movable Type, Word press and even Joomla.

Movable Type appears to be the most comprehensive and powerful solution and thus disqualifies itself as too much of a good things eventually becomes a bad thing. The rest were pretty simple and not worth the move from blogger.

Finally hit upon Word Press 2.7 as my new blogging platform. Installed it on my web server and took for a spin. Light, fast, and offers customization. The downside was that i would be stuck with the crappy word press themes or be forced to download from the internet.

For the past week, i’ve been hard at work creating my own word press custom theme which is basically a mirror of my blogger design, but with word press engine calling the shots. Who knows, the next post might even be from word press.

ps: Blogger is good, but not good enough.

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Ok ok,

I recently got feedback that my comments link has not been available for awhile now. I have fixed the issue with the new Blogger embedded comment dock.


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The Mooch At The Loo 
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Ok ok,

Around my flat, a lot of people walk their dogs and I always see them walking along
with their little poop bags. This, to me, is the lowest activity in human life. Following a dog with a little scooper and plastic bag. Waiting for the damn dog to go so you can walk down the street with it in your bag.

If aliens are watching this through telescopes, they’re going to think the dogs are the leaders of the planet. There are dogs in the white house after all. If you see two life forms, one of them is making a poop, the other one is carrying it for him, who would you assume is in charge? I say, if this is where we’re at after 30,000 years of civilization, let’s just give up. I’m serious, let’s pack it up. It’s not worth it. Let’s just say the human race as an idea didn’t quite work.

It seemed good at first, we worked on it for a long time, but it just didn’t pan out. We made fire with stones, we made fire crackers, and then went to the moon and also produced nuke baddies along the way but still somehow wound up carrying little bags of dog doody around with us. We just got mixed up somewhere. Let’s just give it over to the insects or whoever else is next in line.


ps: I am not a dog person

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The Power is within Me 
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Ok ok,

I have realised that the greatest power on earth does not lie within a block of uranium. On the contrary, the greatest power lies within ourselves. Yes, The power of speech.

Mere words alone, syllables made out of primitive sounds, in disarray. But to think that when put together in a sequence with an intended meaning, these primitive sounds have toppled whole governments and caused worldwide chaos, one has to stop and think.

They can move the world, the masses, in blind belief, and these authoritative sources have always held a strong sense of self righteousness, however artificial subjective or misleading.

Journalism that believed in reporting the really real, the truly true never did survive long. The truth can be altered, nudged, watered down, and can be a real Jedi mind trick on many people.

Sometimes I wonder if it is important for all of us to sing the same note. Perhaps only so, if we can convince ourselves to be on the “right” side of the fence. But how justified is our perception? What about the voices in our heads that are screaming against what we are doing, and yet can only remain in silence? We have become powerless, because we’ve lost speech.

I have realised that the greatest power on earth does not lie within a block of uranium. On the contrary, the greatest power lies within ourselves. Yes, The power of speech and we might just be losing it.


ps: Many people lost their speech after reading this.

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The Things is the Thing 
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Ok ok,

Like it or not our things represent us. Most of the time, people’s things even look like them. Everyone is in the perfect clothes no matter what they are. To me everything you have is really a layer of clothing.

Your body is your innermost and truest outfit. Your house is another layer of wardrobe. Then your neighborhood, your city, your state. It’s all one giant outfit. We’re wearing everything.

That’s why in certain towns, no matter what you’ve got on, you’re a bad dresser. Just for being there. Some places you’re better off just moving instead of changing.


ps: Lets not even begin to talk about nudist colonies.

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Take 2 lefts and a right to rest your money 
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Ok ok,

I have not done well as an investor. In fact, I have lost money on virtually every investment I’ve ever made. A lot of times I’ve lost everything I put in. People always tell me, “You should have your money working for you.”

Well, from now on, I’ve decided I’ll do the work, I’m going to let my money relax. Because who knows what your money has been through before it got to you? Maybe it’s been working. Maybe it’s tired. Maybe that’s why it left where it was. Maybe if I’m nice to it, it’ll stay with me.


ps: Wonder what ever happened to my Lehman Brothers shares

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