The Color of Poverty is Red 
Visualised by archtomato On Wednesday, November 30, 2005 at 14:19 Hrs | Minimum B.S.

Varumaiyin Niram Siggappu. There is a tamil catch phrase quoting that if poverty was ever to have a color, it would have to be red.

One word – Tragic

I have been living in complete poverty for the past 1.5 mnths. I haven bought anything for myself, i skip lunch, and rarely open my wallet. All my stash was used for travelling to work. Damn. Last month i was crawling along the poverty line, now i am hanging on to the poverty line.

Two Words – Damn It

On a lighter note, I would like to thyank Emile for taking his time to guest blog. Great contribution. Might ask him for a re-visit some time in the future. Last post of the month. Hopefully December doesnt drop anymore bombshell on me. Lets all join our hands and pray to the good lord, God for proper guidance.

Three Words: God save us


ps: I have been poor 23 years and can’t stand it any longer.

ps2: I need prozac soon.

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Introducing Meshuggah 
Visualised by archtomato On Friday, November 25, 2005 at 1:37 Hrs | Minimum B.S.

Hi all,

I was sitting around in the office and was wondering how to make the world a better place.

Put on a mask and run around helping people? Neh too risky may get picked up for a terrorist.

Get a Nobel price award? Requires a life time effort.

So i decided to get a friend to be a guest blogger here. Maybe after reading his article, the world WILL be a better place. Maybe.Anyway let me introduce Emile Aka Meshuggah. You can catch his blog thru my friend’s links.

“Emile works for the Singapore Armed Forces as an Technical Support Engineer. He jams music for fun and eats cereals for breakfast. Ever a early adopter, he started blogging a few years back to express his thoughts on the world around him. He now lives in Western Singapore and shaves regularly.”


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Sober X worm 
Visualised by archtomato On Thursday, November 24, 2005 at 4:17 Hrs | Minimum B.S.
ok ok,
Yet another worm at our doorstep just waiting to enter our systems.
A article by Washington Post: Here
By Arshad Mohammed and Brian Krebs
Washington Post Staff Writers
Thursday, November 24, 2005; Page D01
It’s being called the worst computer worm of the year — a fast-spreading Internet threat that looks like an official e-mail from the CIA or FBI but can leave your computer wide open to intruders.

The bogus e-mail claims the government has discovered you visiting "illegal" Web sites and asks you to open an attachment to answer some official questions. If you do, your computer gets infected with malware that can disable security and firewall programs and blast out similar e-mails to contacts in your address book. It can also keep you from getting to computer security Web sites that might help fix the problem, and it may open your Windows computer to intruders who can steal your personal data.

The worm — named "Sober X" — has spread so far so fast that the CIA and the FBI put prominent warnings on their Web sites making clear that they did not send out the e-mail and urging people to not open the attachment.
Its always good to develop malicious codes. They help u understand the system better, but its another ball game when u leak it to the net and drag other people into your dirty affairs.
Leakers should be:
1) Lynched
2) Hanged
3) De-capitated
4) Hanged again
The best way for all would be to be vigilant. FBI is not looking for you and so they are not sending you emails. So chill and delete the mail and all should be fine.
ps: I hate leakers.

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Visualised by archtomato On Wednesday, November 23, 2005 at 5:02 Hrs | Minimum B.S.

Hi all,

I was just banging around the office. The conversation at the opposite cubicle was very interesting. It had the needed damsel in distress, the knight in shining armour and a twist at the end. Sounded like a well polished lie to me.

Anyway, My boss came in and unluckily i was the first person to make eye contact with him.

He quickly darted over and handed me a cd of the lastest Windows Vista beta edition. The jackass wants to migrate his box to vista and so wants me to do a test first.
Damn i hate bosses.

Anyway i tried all morning to get it to install itself in a Compro machine. The damn OS wont load. It gets very very bery bery very tedious when u need to key in the cd-key about 10 times.


Anyway just got the whole damn thing running in a dell machine. It seems Vista has some compatibility issues with the Compro’s Raid driver. Need to load in a few more softwares and do a few tweaking. Will update if i encounter more setbacks.

Watch this space.


ps: I hate cd-keys.

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Visualised by archtomato On Monday, November 21, 2005 at 12:32 Hrs | Minimum B.S.

ok ok,

I was reading the TODAY newspaper this morning. Saw this headline about a Vietnamese Australian who is to be sent to the gallows next week for drug trafficking. The asshole had brought in about 400 grams of heroin in 2002.

The down under is under a sympathy wave apparently created by the fact that our trafficker brought the stash in to pay the debts incurred by his no-good brother who is an abuser.

What Aussies say:

Australia has repeatedly pleaded for clemency on the grounds that Van Nguyen has no previous criminal convictions. Canberra has also argued he could help investigations into drug syndicates if allowed to live. The case has aroused great public sympathy in Australia and opposition politicians have pressed the government to impose economic sanctions on Singapore.

Courtesy: voice of america

A few reasons why he has to hang:

– Seems to me like he had a double motive for the offense.

– He should have sent the brother for Rehab

– There were many avenues to seek help, but he transported drugs, which was the    thing that created this problem

– If this guy escapes, so can every other Ah-seng, Ah-beng, Muthu and Ahmad.

– This is not the down under, this is Singapore. Law is Law here.

– He wanted to be the good guy. In real life, Romeo must die!

The funny part is, His brother is coming to visit him before he goes to the gallows.


ps: Stupidity is worse than bird flu.archtomato

ps2: I will pray that he can rest in peace.

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Water is Water 
Visualised by archtomato On Sunday, November 20, 2005 at 4:30 Hrs | Minimum B.S.

A few hours back, I was kinda feeling a tad too dehydrated and picked up a case of bottled water at Toa Payoh central NTUC. A woman who evidently is a sales promoter insisted on knowing why I wasn’t picking lower priced water instead. I could sense that she was thinking, I’m not too bright. I could buy more and Water is water, she noted.

The first defense that came to mind was, “If I’m dumb enough to buy water, I’m certainly dumb enough to pay too much for it!”

But that didn’t feel right.

My second impulse was to say something along the lines of “My problem, your problem?”.

That didn’t feel right either. Sounds like a secondary school kid throwing a tantrum.

My third option was just as wrong, and it would have gone like this “At least the water i am buying isn’t shit water assigned an economic value.”

Too risky, was doomed to fail from start and had a tinge of politics.

After I left, I thought I should have said something like “As a Sales promoter should know, research has shown that the color and design of a container influences the taste. The cheaper bottles send the subliminal suggestion of day old puddle water with a hint of excrement.”

But I didn’t say any of those clever things. Instead, I mumbled something about being in a hurry, paid the S$0.80 and shuffled away. I am never going to buy things from Toa Payh Central NTUC anymore. Dumb sales people.


ps: I still drink overpriced water, but I no longer enjoy it.

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Changes on 191105 
Visualised by archtomato On Saturday, November 19, 2005 at 10:21 Hrs | Minimum B.S.
Hi all,
I have made some changes and updates to the layout. The right side now has a blog post search text box. This will parse your query directly to google blog search and return any results pertaining to my blog. The layout has also been re-arranged to make it more eye friendly.
ps: Many more gd years to come.
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Return of The Sith 
Visualised by archtomato On Saturday, November 19, 2005 at 5:30 Hrs | Minimum B.S.

I was sitting at my desk this morning, idling my hours and dreaming of my next paycheck. All of a sudden i felt a eveil aura about me. I know that a Sith was among us. I turned to see my CEO walking in. The Sith-Lord himself.

He walked in, making false pretense to smile at everyone and trying to remember everyone’s name. He stopped at my table and asked how my project was going. Then looking at my cluttered desk, asked me to take it easy and relax abit. Then he excused himself saying he had to attend a meeting. I think he was meeting his wife for golf.

Score one. My Messy table facade has proven to be right. The old baldy actually thought i was hardworking and was busy making money for his company. Dream on Sith-Lord. Thats never going to happen.

My Cluttered Desk after some clearing up


The guys before Ceo stepped in

The guys during Ceo’s visit

The guys after Ceo Stepped out

My pair of diesels!

Thats all folks.


ps: I hate bald CEOs.

Especially when they like to play golf

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Rambling Thoughts of a Mad Man 2 
Visualised by archtomato On Friday, November 18, 2005 at 6:56 Hrs | Minimum B.S.
From Endearment springs grief
From Endearment springs fear
For him Who is wholly free from endearment, there is no grief
Whence then fear?
ps: Plagiarism is worse than being a whore.

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Rambling Thoughts of a Mad Man 1 
Visualised by archtomato On Thursday, November 17, 2005 at 13:21 Hrs | Minimum B.S.
I have noticed how some Blogs have more and some Blogs have fewer comments. I have noticed that there seems often to be a sort of pause in Blogging. Is that just my imagination or is there a sort of trend emerging?

I suspect we all have regular visitors to our own Blogs and we all must keep our Blogs ‘alive’ and ‘interesting.’

People are all busy and like everyone else I do not have a chance to visit Blogs as frequently as I could or indeed should – but for me it really is a simple case of balancing precious time.

What do others think?

ps: I want to start designing blogs again.
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