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Because I can 
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Ok ok,

Lately I feel as though I am in some sort of limbo I don’t know whether I am moving forward or moving backward. In the end it’s quite a surreal experience. Most of the time I feel detached from who I really am and more ungrounded and with there being less substance to myself than before.

Is it my job? Unlikely. I Don’t work.
Is it my studies? Hardly at school.
Is it my love life? Non Existent.
Is it just me trying to rationalize my existence and the reason I am where I am at this point in my life?I believe like superman, I was put here for a reason. Now, what could that reason be?

Wow, that almost sounded like I might actually have something there. Phew … I am not even going to think about the things that were just said. Are these merely the ramblings of a man on the edge of going insane? Or are these merely the musings of someone so grounded in reality that they see it for what it really is? Yeah, even I don’t believe it’s the last one. Is it just possible that we all are just trying to get through this life without trying to make too much sense of it? Cause really if we understood why we were here and what it all meant do you think we could handle it?

Now I’m not saying that maybe there is some GRAND SCHEME of things and that maybe we are all on some cosmic quest of greatness. But ponder this for an instant and only an instant maybe just even a second, but ponder this nonetheless what if the meaning of life and the reason we are here is simply, “because”.

If that was the reason and it all came down to “because” and that was it no grandeurs answer, no long philosophical mumbo jumbo on how everything is its own little piece of a huge giant puzzle, and that we are all here “just because”, would life be worth living anymore?

And maybe, just maybe, we could turn it around and finally change it into “because we can”. In the end I think that is the meaning to life and the universe, “because we can”, cause really if you think about it we have the choice on whether or not to live and in the end I choose to live “Because I can”. Question is, can you?

ps: Because i can …

No Tomatoes Squashed   •  Throw a Tomato  •  Category: Ageless 

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