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Ok ok,

In a few hours, we’ll all be done with 2012. If there’s anything memorable about it, it will be remembered as the year of yummy scandals in the civil sector and political arena, inane price fixing and overuse of tax payers’ money and and really shoddy quality of service by public transportation companies. Every single day, you woke up wondering which top civil service official will be seen getting to 2nd base at which carpark (which includes some former MPs as well) and if you can get to work on time if you take the train.

Today I was browsing through the ST and I can’t help but wonder if ST was actually written and published in an alternate dimension where nothing bad ever happens to Singapore. The Singapore that is written about in the pages of the ST sure as hell don’t seem like the Singapore that I am living in. Their year in review basically contains glowing articles about the wonderful economy, increasing capita and how every Singaporean is lying on a bed filled with money.

Meanwhile in the real world, everyone and their grandmother is struggling to deal with the soaring inflation, decreasing quality of service. Happens when you happen to be living in one of Asia’s most expensive cities. Just about the only people who have something to smile about are the Jedi masters who are employing their cheap mind tricks on us.

The poor transportation and misuse of tax payer money issues remain unanswered as they resemble a 400Kg gay gorilla sitting in your living room making lewd gestures at you that no one dares to talk about. It’s there, but the Jedi circle is seemingly oblivious to it. I shudder to think what’s coming in 2013. Remember folks, it is still just year 2 of 5.

I pity those who actually voted in favour of the Jedi counsel. I guess you must be feeling pretty foolish by now. Not only do you have the emotional maturity of goldfish, but you have just damned yourself and your grandmother to eternal damnation. The racial misquote might be forgiven as an oversight but the capability of someone who can make such a mistake must be seriously doubted.

It’s a given of course, prices were all going to jump after the swearing in of the Jedi Council, but not even the smartest and most clairvoyant of us expected this. The dark side of the force seems sweeter for some reason. Whatever official figures they give us, double it and that’s the real figure you get for inflation. Can’t wait to see what 2013 brings to the forsaken red dot.

Some Highlights:
– More Ponding
– Major inconvenience due to continual road works everywhere
– Shortages for car parks at older estates might cause price hike (Universal Solution to all problems)
– Lack of affordable housing for the every day man.
– Trains going bonkers
– COE pricing that cost more than the Hubble Space telescope
– Strikes by our dear communist brothers
– The incompetency and impotency of the Jedi council.
– Yoda not dying as expected on the 9th of August.
– More FTrash

ps: Seriously, it is just going to get worse.

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It’s a party 
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Creed to Life 
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Ok ok,

There is a creed to life. A creed that Hassan-i Sabbah believed in. A creed that Nothing is true, everything is permitted. That is rather cynical you might thing. It would seem as if it were doctrine. But it is merely an observation of the nature of reality.

To say that nothing is true is to realize that the foundations of society are fragile, and that we must be the shepherds of our own civilization. To say that everything is permitted is to understand that we are the architects of our actions, and that we must live with their consequences, whether glorious or tragic.”

There is a creed to life. A creed that says that Nothing is true, everything is permitted.

ps: If not anything, at the very least, it’s entertaining.

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Good Luck PP !!! 
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Good Luck PP. Maximum Power Looking Ahead.

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The Architect 
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Ok ok,

I would like to think that i am an architect. That i was always born to be one. In my career and in life. And just like in my career and in life, i devote entirely to the task at hand. It’s everything or nothing. There is no in-between, I cannot and will not accept in-betweens. The casualties will be great if it were any other way.

Struggle is the wrinkle of life. We can not escape it, but we can honor it, see it as part of us, as our counterpart and coexist. Peace is acceptance of struggle. How do we create peace? We don’t create more struggle, we acknowledge we will struggle. How do we not make more struggle? We listen. We listen to the quiet voice, we tune out the loud one, we grab the knife and crawl out the door. We patch up the wound and devote to our recovery as exhausting and painful as it may be.

Healing can be scientifically explained as the phenomena that restores balance and in addition make things stronger than before. How do I know I will be stronger than before? Because life is a series of imprisonments that deliver us to our next liberation. Experience and practice is our liberator. If we choose to learn from our experiences of struggle and only listen for the quiet voice, the duration of our imprisonments shorten and our liberation lengthens.

I was not free till this moment. I’m was in a one man knife fight. I was still deciding and yet trying. As I struggled with struggle, I knew I could make the easy decision or I could make the decision that will challenge me, that will help me grow. The choice to follow the voice of our spirit takes effort, determination and tenacity. It is easy to be defeated, to be a coward and listen to our mind. Honoring our spirit takes time, patience, faith and trust.

Struggle is indestructible and inevitable. Our response to it dictates our quality of life. The bouts of suffering will lessen as we learn how to win the battle, how swiftly to grab the knife, unlock the bars and walk through the gates to peace as we hold hands with struggle. So i wished to be free and i have started walking down that path. “Do I try harder or do I walk away?” is a common question everyone has. But when walking away is hardest, than do that for that will make you the most strongest.

ps: I am Archtomato, and I am an architect.

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Being the lord of space 
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Ok ok,

The nomad’s way of life had been the nobler one, the life of tent-dwellers, often on the move. Nobility and freedom were inseparable, and the nomad was free. In the desert a man was conscious of being the lord of space, and in virtue of that lordship he escaped in a sense from the domination of time. By striking camp he sloughed off his yesterdays; and tomorrow seemed less of a fatality if its where as well as its when had yet to come.

But the townsman was a prisoner; and to be fixed in one place, yesterday, today, tomorrow -was to be a target for time, the ruiner of all things. Towns were places of corruption. Sloth and slovenliness lurked in the shadow of their walls, ready to take the edge off a man’s alertness and vigilance. Everything decayed there, even language, one of man’s most precious possessions.

ps: i like the word slovenliness a lot, it makes me sound smart.

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121212 – 1212hrs. No Post Today

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Might of Hydra 
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Greatest Fight in the Galaxy 
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Greatest Fight in the Galaxy

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Stop! You Are Not A Machine 
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