Curry me this, Curry me that 
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Ok ok,

I have realised that the greatest power on earth does not lie within a block of uranium. On the contrary, the greatest power lies within ourselves. Yes, The power to cook a pot of curry.

Armed with mere smell alone, made out of cinnamon, cloves and chicken in most cases, cooked and stirred in disarray. But to think that when put together in a sequence with an intended meaning, these primitive smells have pinched whole populations into wakefulness and caused worldwide hunger pangs, one has to stop and think.

The smell of curry can move the world, the masses, in blind belief, and these authoritative sources have always held a strong sense of self righteousness, however artificial, subjective or misleading.

I wonder if it is important for all of us to smell the same odor of curry. Could it be a different variation. We should never stop cooking it for the moment we stop, we lose everything.

I have realized that the greatest power on earth does not lie within a block of uranium. On the contrary, the greatest power lies within ourselves. Yes, The power to cook curry and we might just be losing it.

This post has been inspired by Mr. Brown’s curry song Here.

ps: Many people started cooking curry after reading this.

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Pennalla Pennalla 
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Thendralai pola nadapavaL, ennai thazhuva kaathu kidappavaL.
Senthamizh naattu thirumagaL, endhan thaayku vaaytha marumagaL.
Sindhayil thaavum poongiLi, avaL sollidum vaarthai thaenthuLi.
Anjugam poala iruppavaL, kottum aruvi poala sirippavaL.
Melliya thaamarai kaaleduthu.
Nadaiyai pazhagum poonthaeru.
Mettiyai kaalil naan maatta mayangum poongodiii ….

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Bro Code Article 39 
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Ok ok,

Bro Code Article 39 says: When a bro gets a lady friend’s number, he waits at least ninety six hours before calling her.

Side Bar:
Q: I’m confused. If a woman gives me her phone number, doesn’t that mean she wants me to call her? Why do i have to wait so long?
A: Broflation – an unreasonable increase in female expectations about how bros should act. You call a woman the next day, she tells her friends you called the next day, and soon enough, women everywhere will expect guys to call them the next day. Before you know it, Bros the world over will find themselves trapped in relationships, and all because YOU couldn’t wait ninety six little hours.

Q: Okay, I’ve waited ninety six hours. When’s the best time of the day to call her?
A: Call during the middle of the day. You will have a better chance of getting her voice mail, which ultimately means less conversation. With any luck, you will be able to set something up without ever having to talk to her.

Q: I’ve always heard you wait three days? Why does the Bro Code specify four?
A: If you have heard of that, you can bet the women have too. By waiting an extra day, you make the woman feel special.

ps: So how long do you guys AND GIRLS wait?

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