Good is just not Good Enough 
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Ok ok,

Recently I got tricked into seeing a movie that looked awesome on the posters. It left me feeling confused, anxious, and pissed off. By the closing credits I hated everyone involved with it. I actually paid good money for that experience. And it had Nicholas Cage. The man owns castles and this is what he came up with. Maybe that’s why they have movie reviews.

As a rule, the quality of a movie is inversely correlated with how long it takes to explain the entire plot. That’s why I stay away from movies with titles like Volcano, Inferno, Titanic, and Snakes on a Plane, The tourist and Black Snake Moan. Here’s a title: We have a snake which is black, and it moans. I feel I have a sense of where those plots are heading.

The film I just watched could be described as “A dead guy comes back to life and chases another bad guy and kills him. And ooo (throw both hands up on the air and make funny faces while saying “ooo”) .. there was a girl somewhere in there and a baby.” There were other elements of the movie, but I’m pretty sure they were irrelevant. Admittedly, there was great artistry in this movie, on many levels. But I don’t think it is fair that no one warned me how it would make me feel. That’s why I think movie reviews should have more elements.

For example, I want to know if a movie has a happy ending, even at the risk of ruining the surprise. I like to know the star power. Remember Transformers 2? Optimus Prime has star power. He is the biggest custodian of human freedom we have ever seen. Even some unknowns have star power. Bale was pretty docile in the mainstream till he did the batman reboot. He did batman and turned awesome. I could go on and on.

Next, I need to know is if this movie is going to be a mumbler. How many times do you have to turn to the person next to you and ask “What did he say?” And how long is this movie? Can my bladder make it all the way or is this a two-pisser? Artistry is important too. How’s the writing, acting, directing, and so forth?

I don’t condone violence. I can watch hundreds of zombies or henchman get mowed down and still enjoy my popcorn. What I object to is any scene where someone enjoys torturing someone else. A good story is important. Mostly the story needs to be original and make sense. I don’t care about much else. I have a hard time with any movie with a plot so complicated I can’t understand it. I have a right to know ahead of time whether I will be able to decipher the story I am paying to see. Humor always gets my vote.

That’s all I want to know. Don’t tell me a movie is some particular actor’s best work yet, or the director’s magnum opus. That gives me nothing (See Wicker Man, The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call – New Orleans and Brokeback Mountain).

ps: Hamburger Hill and 3 Idiots are kick ass movies which broke all my stereotypes.

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Sabbihi isma rabbika al-aAAla. Allathee khalaqa fasawwa.

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The Price of Healthy Gums Is Eternal Vigilance 
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Ok ok,

Against my instincts for non-involvement, my insatiable curiosity has always prevailed and this week has been no exception. I keep having crazy ideas popping up in my head. Very surreal, both scary and refreshingly welcoming.

I believe that this basically means i am bored once again. i can see bored vision of how the rest of my life is going to be. And you know what? It takes place in the same outfit, behind the same desk, at the same location that I am currently at. I just thought I would be going somewhere. Not just metaphysically and spiritually, though that too, but you know also literally.

I always thought I was destined for great things like
1. Becoming the emperor of the whole world
2. Giving Chuck Norris a roundhouse kick
3. Eating a whole camel all by myself at a Arab Buffet (If there is such a thing)
4. At the very least, a Nobel peace price for being the most awesomest maximust person ever.

Yet, strangely there is Nothing. Nothing is coming. So bottom line, I figure I’ll just keep doing what I do best. Sleep. That is all.

ps: The Price of Healthy Gums Is Eternal Vigilance. I watch them closely now.

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Ok ok,

I have not done well as an investor. In fact, I have lost money on virtually every investment I’ve ever made. A lot of times I’ve lost everything I put in.

People always tell me, “You should have your money working for you.” Well, from now on, I’ve decided I’ll do the work, I’m going to let my money relax. Because who knows what your money has been through before it got to you? Maybe it’s been working. Maybe it’s tired. Maybe that’s why it left where it was. Maybe if I’m nice to it, it’ll stay with me.

ps: I’m much richer now.

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Vaa Vaa 
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Vaa Vaa En Dhevadaye,
Pon Vaai Paesum Thaaragaiyae,
Pon Vaazhvin Pooranamey,
Pen Poovey Vaa

Vaan mithakkum kangalukku mayil iragaal maiyidavaa,
Marbuthaikum kaalgalukku mani kolusu naan idavaa …

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Bob Prefers – On Assassins 
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Bob prefers Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad to Ezio Auditore da Firenze.

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Bob Prefers – on Actors 
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Bob prefers Nicholas Cage to John Travolta.

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Bob Mini 
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I’ve been called a Mini Bob.

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