Colors with lines 
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Found this Caligraphy. Interesting.

ps: IQRA!!

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The Poor Man’s armour 
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Someone once said, “Hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible and achieves the impossible”.


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Man’s Best Friend 
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The fried chicken used to be Man’s best friend. It took part in sporting events, social events, religious gatherings and to watch Star wars the complete saga in Bluray. The fried chicken used to be Man’s best friend until it was revealed that no dog was ever harmed in making hot dogs (Chinese territories and Korea excluded).

ps: Not affiliated with KFC in any way.

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Wrongfully Accused 
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For months, I’ve woken up to a mysterious, intermittent banging sound coming from somewhere in my home. I can’t tell you how many mornings i have groggily walked around in my creased clothing searching for its cause.

Frustrated by my inability to locate the source of the banging, i falsely accused my newly bought fridge and began plotting a plan for its replacement. But then i caught a break. Rising earlier than usual one time, for reasons urinary, i stumbled across the real source of the strange noise – a small yellow necked, black breasted bird living in a tree just beneath my kitchen window.

Periodically he would fly to the kitchen window and peck furiously at it with his beak and then quickly retreat to a nearby branch. At first i assumed that the morning light caused him to see his reflection and, being of limited intelligence, and/ or filled with self-loathing, attack it. But once again, my initial instinct proved wrong. My windows were opaque.

After a long conversation with the bird however, i learned that he was banging on the window because he found the sound fascinating. I have since apologized to the fridge for a wrongful accusation, but it has been, not surprisingly, cool towards me.

ps: Sorry, that really wasn’t worth the journey.

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An Ode to Beauty 
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Kannukku Mai Azhagu
Kavidhaikku Poi Azhagu
kannathil Kuzhi Azhagu
Kaar Koondal Pen Azhagu

Ilamaikki Nadai Azhagu
Mudhumaikku Narai Azhagu
Kalvarkku Iravu Azhagu
Kadalarkku Nilavu Azhagu
Nilavukku Karai Azhagu
Paravaikku Seragu Azhagu
Avvaikku Koon Azhagu
Annaikku Saei Azhagu

Vidikalai Vin Azhagu
Vidiyum Varai Pen Azhagu
Nellukku Nattru Azhagu
Thennaikku Keetru Azhagu
Orukku Are Azhagu
Orvalathil Thare Azhagu
Thamizhukku Zha Azhagu
Talaivikku Naan Azhagu

Hats off to the Kaviarasu.


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Muran – Conflict 
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Ok ok,

Wild Chapter

In a nutshell, riveting performance. Excellent.

ps: A planned accident is still an accident.

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Just like Terra Nova 
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Ok ok,

Lots of people go through rough times. You maybe have gone through a rough time yourself or someone you know may have. A little bird once told me that when people are going through bad patches, they tend to appreciate anything thrown at them. This “anything” includes badly home made sandwiches, stale non alcoholic beer and a dead dog for a pet.

There’re just so many things that we have no control over. Things that we can’t decide over. Things that we can’t change. Things that we can’t stop from happening. Things that we can’t turn around. Things that we can’t help. Things we can’t do anything but throw our hands skyward and ask “Why Me?”.

Life has taught me to be open-minded about many things. Accept the facts, easy or hard. Accept the truth, painful or not. Accept it, whether you want to or not and to move on after that. We have to keep moving on no matter what happens. They say to keep moving is to be alive. I can’t tell with certainty who “they” are, but i have a pretty good idea this time. In truth we can move on even if we lose something so precious that we think we couldn’t live without but it’s just that it would be too painful to move on. But if we do move on, someday you’ll turn back and feel much stronger, with no regrets. This is the point where we will pause and appreciate the mind control exercises practiced by the Jedi.

To put things in perspective without sounding overly condescending, in reality there is only the present, because the past no longer exists and the future does not exist yet. Of the past, only selective images exist. Just what the mind wants to and can retain. And of the future there can be only fear or hope, whichever is your cup of tea. The future, like the past, is but an ‘extension’ of our minds. The mind cannot comprehend an existence locked in stasis and so the past and the future are coping mechanisms.

Children have neither past nor future; they enjoy the present, which very few of us do.

ps: Many people feel better after reading this article but are confused as to what the author is trying to convey.
ps2: The author is equally confused.

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