Alls an Illusion 
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Ok ok,

Like the Horizon and Time Dilation (and possibly GST packages), I am more of a concept than a corporeal being.

ps: Happy Labour Day, everyone.

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City of Great Racks 
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Ok ok,

When you want to enjoy something, you must never let logic get too much in the way. Sometimes, you just have to let loose and go with your gut feelings, like the villains in all the James Bond movies.

Whenever Bond breaks into the complex: “Ah, Mr. Bond, welcome, come in. Let me show you my entire evil plan and then put you in a death machine that doesn’t work.” See how cool these guys are. They know they have a kick ass spy on their tail and they still remember their manners. I have never seen a Bond villain’s feathers being ruffled. Like never (* Casino Royale doesn’t count, the villain was a wuss).

The other odd thing about the Bond movies is they have the most evil guy in the world vs. the most hardy guy in the world and you leave liking both of them equally. That i suppose tells us something. Its not about what you do, its how well you do it, and how much fun you have doing it.

ps: Goldfinger is a kick ass villian.

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True Story 
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Ok ok,

The fact of life is that people will try and take your possessions. People are going to steal from you. Everybody has their own little personal security things. Things that they think will foil the crooks.

You go to the beach, go into the water, put your wallet in the left shoe . . . Who’s going to know? What criminal mind could penetrate this fortress of security? I tied a bow in the lace. They can’t get through that. I put it down by the toe.

They never look there. They check the heels, they move on. Or, you ever move a TV in the back of your car? Then you’ve got to leave the car unattended for a few minutes, you put a sweater over the TV. “It’s a couple of sweaters, that’s all. One of them happens to be square with an antenna coming out of it.”

ps: I still leave my wallet in my left shoe.

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The Best Ticket Money Can Buy 
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Ok ok,

The movies will always be one of my top all-time out activities. But to be honest, the peak moment for me is always being on the way to the movies. I love being on the way to the movies.

We are in our cars, in the trains, in the buses trying to get there in time. Maybe you can still get tickets. Maybe you’ll have good seats. Maybe it’ll be a good movie. Maybe everything will be good. You don’t know, and when you’re on the way, it’s all still possible.

I love the fact that I’m definitely doing something and I haven’t done it yet. That’s a pure life moment. After you get a job and before you have to do it. Nothing beats that. It’s the cracks between life, the spaces between heartbeats and the bliss between an eye blink that I like the most.

The movie advertisements I don’t get is: “If you see only one movie this year . . . ” and “Movie Event of the Year …”. If you see only one movie this year, why go at all? You’re not going to enjoy it. There’s too much pressure. You’re sitting there, “All right, this is it for 51 more weekends, this better be good.”

ps: I just book tickets online now.

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The Ride of a Life Time 
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Ok ok,

Life is truly a ride. We’re all strapped in and no one can stop it. When you arrive, the doctor slaps your behind, he’s ripping your ticket and away you go.

As you make each passage from youth to adulthood to maturity, sometimes you put your arms up and scream, sometimes you just hang on to that bar in front of you. But the ride is the thing. I think the most you can hope for at the end of life is that your hair’s messed, you’re out of breath, and you didn’t throw up.

ps: Out of ideas

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