Mathematical Anomaly 
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Ok ok,

Statistically I am just slightly above average, but i make up for it with plenty of enthusiasm and perseverance.

ps: Statistically speaking of course.

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Ok ok,

I hate kids.

I see them. Having tantrums in supermarkets, screaming in movie theaters, making everything sticky and yucky. And the whole world gives them a free ride just because they are cute, just because they are kids.

Not a fan of babies either. Never saw whats the big deal with babies. People are always making such a fuss about babies. I don’t really care much for them myself. They are all squally and wet most of the time. And its almost impossible to talk to them.

I hate kids and babies.

ps: Babes not included.

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Time vs Distance 
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Ok ok,

You can measure distance by time.
“How far away is that place?”
“About 20 minutes.” But it doesn’t work the other way.
“When do you get off work?”
“Around 3 Km.”

ps: I’m 1km away from hitting the bed.

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3 little things 
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Ok ok,

As some of my close friends know, my personal 3 little goals are to win a Nobel Prize, get James Earl Jones to record me a voice mail, and to win Chuck Norris on a one on one. I don’t care in which order. I just need to get them done.

For the Nobel, i don’t really have a particular field to get the award in. I don’t care which one. I’m just in it for the money. Last night I came up with an idea that should get it done. This idea targets The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. I don’t have any relevant education in those fields, and I haven’t done any research, so I know I need to come up with something big to get the judges past their bias for competence. My idea needs to cure a whole lot of problems. Anything less would be begging for the award committee to snub me once again.

Meeting James Earl Jones and beating Chuck Norris might be a problem though. James might just pull a force choke on me with just his vocals and Chuck might just beat me senseless with a single round-house kick.

So for now, I’ll be contented with the Nobel, although it wouldn’t be much.

ps: Satan once said that between Chuck Norris and himself, he would pick Chuck Norris.

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