Animal Farm 
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Ok ok,

The other day, a friend of mine ruined his leather jacket getting caught in heavy rain. Now why does moisture ruin leather? Aren’t cows, pigs and crocodiles outside a lot most of the time? Hell i have always seen them outdoors in Discovery Channel.

When it’s raining, do the cows and pigs go up to the farmhouse, “Let us in! We’re all wearing leather! Open the door! We’re going to ruin the whole outfit here!”


ps: Animal Rights activists will probably hate this one.

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Media Room Slash Dungeon 
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Ok ok,

I’m poor again. I don’t have anything legit to write about, excluding the mass hordes of conspiracies and feel good articles that I can produce.

Truth be told, between general life business, episodes of cold, and bouts of insomnia (I know, insomnia should add to the posting, not detract from it), I just haven’t had a lot of time left open for posting. Added to this has been my general weariness with world events.

It is not that I lack opinions on the cacophony that has deafened both mass media and blogs these last few days, but in many ways I simply feel like everything that can be said has been said and everything that can be done are still left undone. I mean, what’s new right?

Firstly, there’s the Olympics. Beijing 2008. Apart from the really exotic Bird’s Nest stadium, I really don’t see anything fascinating. Every sport seems to have a winner and lots of losers. I mean, why these people can’t come up with a sport where everyone’s a winner still puzzles me. Now that would be a sport that celebrates the human spirit. China seems to be piling on the gold, but seriously, their fans need some lessons on cheering concepts that are ages +4 and above. Amidst the drips of Korean and Taiwanese fans, the Chinese sea of fans were just not … I dunno, just not enough.

Note: You will have to note that I have respectfully not commented on Singapore’s Silver. I’ll leave that to the Jedi council.

On the global front next, first the Russians. The Russians were always fascinating, more so now with the whole Georgia fiasco. Nuke baddies are still active in the fair world and they are getting stronger. I just cannot get enough of them and if you ask me they are not getting enough air time on TV. The political situation in Pakistan is becoming really embarrassing and the next time I hear about Pervez, I am probably going give him an atomic wedgie. Why can’t the man just leave?

Note: An atomic wedgie is so much more than a wedgie, that in a mathematical equation: atomic wedgie = ( wedgie * wedgie * wedgie )

Lastly, more closer to home, I find myself saddened by the accusation made on Anwar Ibrahim. I would like to question the motive of such a preposterous proposition but I shall hold my tongue in check, in fear of having my blog frozen, my family deported to Alaska, and me being assigned to a correction facility for a lifetime voluntary service.

On the light side, Ellen De Generes is married, still very much lesbian.

Note: This line is to satisfy those Gay groups that want equal rights.

All this overload of information is really overwhelming me. Nor is the first time that I have felt overwhelmed or that I have had to step back from news consumption simply because I had to give my mind a break. It is difficult being in a position of so little power with so great an inclination to make a difference.


ps: I hope you did not waste time reading all this shit.

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Delights in the simplest of things 
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I’m a man of simple tastes. I like dynamite… and gunpowder … and kerosene!
Do you know what all of these things have in common?
They’re cheap!
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An Awkward Moment 
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Ok ok,

Even now and then I always meet someone new and they let me know they read my blog. Its a strange feeling to meet someone who you don’t know and the first thing they say to you is- I read your blog.

On one hand I am happy there are people who actually read my blog and then on the other hand there’s the awkward semi-embarrassment like- really?

Usually the only thing I can squeeze out is an awkward thank you and then an uncomfortable silence. I usually don’t really know how to react to something like that.

And I still don’t .

I just hope people don’t expect me to be funny like humorous or to suddenly launch into a blue rage expletive filled rant.

I am not like that in real life.

Ok, I am also not that awkward under normal circumstances but thank you for reading.


ps: A few people in my reservist unit read my blog.

ps2: I Hate National Days and feel awkward.

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Reservist Woes 3 
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.. Still Digging ..
.. No Post For Now ..
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Waiting for the Right Snapper 
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Ok ok,

There are so many jobs, occupations, and ways to make a living. And every person
goes into a job thinking they’re getting away with something, that it’s not really hard to do. Or the hours. Or they think the money’s pretty good.

Basically the only incentive a person needs to accept a job is to be shown another
job where the work is the same but the pay is a little less. Then their job automatically becomes what is referred to as “not a bad job.” That’s really all we want -a “not a bad job”- and we’re happy.

Some people will say they’ve got a “great job.” These people are being significantly overpaid. The IRAS needs to go after these people that think they have a great job. There’s the answer to your deficit. And these people are annoying anyway.

“Oh yeah? You’ve got a great job? Well guess what, starting Monday you’re only getting paid every other week. How great is it now, asshole?” Nobody likes the great job people. They’re almost as reviled as the great property people.


ps: Great property people don’t know how or when to shut up.

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