Those Big Pink Things with Coconut 
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Ok ok,

I think the wonderful thing about men and women is how interested we are in these
people we have virtually nothing in common with. Men are obsessed with cleavage,
women are obsessed with shoes.

It’s the exact same obsession. It doesn’t matter how
many times we’ve seen these things, every time these objects are presented to us, we
have to look. We cannot not look.

To men, cleavage is like the nearest thing to a UFO landing nearby, that’s what it is.
To women, buying a pair of shoes that they really love is like boarding the alien ship.

I think it’s entirely possible that aliens have landed and they haven’t been able to get our attention because we’re so preoccupied with cleavage and shoes.


ps: i prefer cleavage to shoes.

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Something Salted and Twisted 
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Ok ok,

I was watching some sci-fi show the other day and suddenly it hit me that sci-fi was taking a lot of flake from critics and most people generally don’t dig sci-fi simply because its not real enough. Hell, like everything else is.

I would like to add that science fiction is an existential metaphor. It allows stories to be told about the human condition.

Isaac Asimov once said, “Individual Science Fiction Stories may seem as trivial as ever to the blinded critics and philosophers of today, but the core of science fiction, it’s essence, has become crucial to our salvation and survival, if … we are to be saved at all.”

This we must believe.


ps:Many more good years ahead.

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That Special Tug 
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Ok ok,

Disclaimer: The following is purely based on the author’s research and personal thoughts. These findings have not been approved by any leading psychiatric body. This article is a philosophical launch pad for the author who is thinking of publishing a book. You have a choice not to read this. Plagiarism is a sin. Parental Guidance is advised.

What are rules and why do they even exist? Who came up with them and what for? I believe these are a couple of questions I’m sure all of us will ponder at least once in our lonely existence.

Rules are meant to be broken. I have heard this old adage being used to death many many times. So is it true than. Are rules really expandable and are they worth breaking.

Some claim rules are akin to quick sand.

It traps you.

The more u struggle the more u freeze.

You try to fight back.

You try to adapt.

But you start making a mistake.

Then another.

And another.

Till you cannot breathe.

Like Quicksand.

I’m sure some of us think rules were whipped up by bored old farts who take too much sugar for their own good, that rules were simply a means to leash us and make us dance to a desolate tune that we had neither or envisioned nor orchestrated. Everything exists in parallels. Light and Darkness … Yin and Yang, Life and Death. Even a piece of paper has 2 sides. Galileo did say that life exists in perfect symmetry.

So it got me thinking .. could these rules that we tirelessly fight be actually a means to help us? To guide us? To sustain us? Could our ignorance be the reason we hate rules? The mind fights what it deems illogical, what it deems irrelevant and fights to propagate towards an opposite.

Although the mind is beautiful, it is by no means perfect. Its erratic, far too much erratic. Without the mind, there is no body, and without the body, no life. Could rules actually be the meas to protect the mind to ensure our survival?

I leave you with, “What doesn’t kill you, only makes u stronger”.


ps: You will feel a special tug

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Bad News from the Clinic – The Writer’s Block Series 
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Ok ok,

They say that “it in any form is the enemy of it since it cuts off the life blood of it’s ideas”.

I don’t know who ‘they’ are but the ‘it’ they seem to be talking about would be creativity.

Uh. Oh. Am I in trouble? My life blood is so staunched that I am on life support. See, I used to think this blog suffers from lack of focus. My posts have no collective theme and generally just lie about like stones on the beach.

Now I realize it’s not the lack of focus – it’s the lack of posts. About anything I can actually write about, Without getting sued, Or fired, Or have my family pissed off at me, Or relatives refusing to talk to me, Or sending me the lawyer notices!

I often wonder to myself, why do people come here?


ps: I Need More Blood !!!

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.. For Reggie ..

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