The Last Thing You Want Is to Wind Up With a Limp 
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Ok ok,

“THE leader of the Singapore terrorist Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) network, Mas Selamat Kastari, escaped from the Whitley Road detention centre at about 4.05 pm on Wednesday, said the Ministry of Home Affairs in a statement. A massive manhunt involving the police, Gurkhas and Special Operations Command forces, is underway to track down the escaped detainee, who walks with a limp.

‘He is not known to be armed. Extensive police resources have been deployed to track him down,’ said the ministry statement.”

This is actually quite ironic – apparently the Internal Security Department has poor security within its own grounds. How did a limping man manage to escape from a detention center in world-class Singapore and still manage to be free after half a day of ‘massive manhunt’?

An excerpt from the papers from today where the minister for Home Affairs can be seen making very interesting comments.

“This should never have happened,” said Wong, who is also the deputy prime minister. “I am sorry that it had. An independent investigation is under way, and we should not speculate on what and how it happened.” – Straits Times, 28th Feb 2008.

I’m sorry? We should not speculate? Is he so sure he can tell us what to do? I believe his priorities should be sorted out. Find the person who is responsible for this folly (scapegoat) and make him come forward with his story.

What I don’t understand is why the authorities are not coming clean about what actually happened that led to his escape? I think and hope they will, but maybe at a later stage after investigations have been done. It’s something that should be clarified to the public, because letting a terrorist escape is no small matter. Those with the responsibility (scapegoats) to guard him should be held responsible and punished for allowing this to happen.

If this had happened in a established and free country, by now we would have received full details on what and how it happened. People would be apologizing and leaving their positions. It would be fascinating to see what our minister will do.
So this is the kind of “good governance” we pay top dollars for? This is why our council of leaders is so highly paid for?

Having said all this, i also believe that is also the time that we should support the civil service even more. Even now, Soldiers, policemen and many more civil service officers are working round the clock to make amends. I wish to play a part, even if a small part to get this man caught.


ps: The man walks with a limp for Gods sake.

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Go East on Sunset Until You Reach the Gates 
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Ok ok,

I have come to think that the molecules that make up the body, the atoms that construct those molecules, are traceable to the crucible that were once the centre of the high mass stars.

The heavens exploded their riches forth and therefore have enriched us with the chemistry of life. And then there was light.

So logically, we are all connected.

To each other, biologically

To nature, chemically

and to the rest of the universe, atomically.

It’s not that we are better than the universe; we are part of the universe. We are in the universe and the universe is in us. You, yes you are a cosmic individual. But so are the rest of us.

That’s kinda cool. That makes me smile. And at the end of it all, I actually feel quite large.


ps: A frog in a well can see the man in the moon.

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The Price of Healthy Gums Is Eternal Vigilance 
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Ok ok,

Against my instincts for self-preservation, my insatiable curiosity has always prevailed and this week has been no exception.

I tried to help a dying man and killed him inadvertently.

Managed to crash a cluster of servers.

Spoilt it for everyone by revealing a suspense movie ending.

That is all.


ps: It gets harder as time goes by.

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A little something for everyone 
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Ok ok,

This year will be the 2.5th year of existence for this humble little blog. When I started I never expected anything much from it, I didn’t think it would go anywhere or amount to anything much. I figured it was just a fun little diversion – a place to put my thoughts into words and to share some of it with the world. And by world, I mean the quarter of a dozen people who know about it and read it while waiting for something more interesting to load on their browser.

It’s strange to see it take on a life of its own and just sort of go off in strange little tangents. If you ask me, I would be hard pressed to describe what kind of blog this is. Sometimes I rant, sometimes I joke, sometimes its personal and sometimes it’s not and often times can be quite useless too. There are words, sometimes pictures; I supposed a little of something for everyone. And like my counterparts round the globe, I have built little idiosyncrasies like always starting my articles the same way.

A year back, I was backing up everything and transferring them to a new server; it amazed me to see how far it has come. When it started, most entries were about the humdrum existence of my life and the silly things I do. Mostly boring stuff like getting a new job and putting up pictures of the office. Then it started to reflect my thoughts more than the routines of my everyday life. Writing itself became more important and not what the content carried for the readers. It’s the journey, not the destination.

2 years ago I would have cleared the server of my writings in a heartbeat, but here I am now, taking pains to guard and little collection of articles built with thought and effort. It gets frustrating when I think about the effort involved.

The mainstream media and the Jedi council still try to smother the blogdom and contain its impact on our society. It’s an attitude that was not so brazen when I started out. The people who used to have the power to dictate thoughts and ideas, to totally dominate the conversation find themselves having that power taken away from them. People who are used to dominating and dictating everything find themselves in new and unfamiliar territory. Things certainly have changed.

The paramount importance of a piece of writing in my opinion is to stimulate thoughts in people who may stumble upon it. To help them question the world around them, questioning not only what is right or wrong, but also the grey areas that lurk everywhere, to engage their minds beyond the confines of their own existence.

And I thought my writing was boring.


ps: My 2 cents worth.

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Back From ICT 
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Back from ICT.

Totally Smoked it.

Bagged the Best in course award.

Back to civilian life.

Ok Bye.

ps: My PSP, My Laptop and Me.

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