Top 20 Film Potrayals 
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Ok ok,

Fascinating chracters in the movies i’ve seen so far,

20. Nedumaran – Raman Thediya Seethai

19. Maathu – Ethir Neechal

18. ACP Ragavan – Vettaiyaadu Villaiyaadu

17. Manick Baasha – Baasha

16. Vaddi – Vasool Raaja MBBS

15. Annan – Murai Maaman

14. Raamu – Enga Veetu Pillai

13. Balram Naidu – Dasavathaaram

12. Auto – Ethiree

11. Vasu – Ullathai Alli Thaa

10. Amavaasai – Amaithi Padai

09. Hindi Vaathiyar – Thedinean vanthatu

08. Kai pillai – Winner

08. Major Bala – Kandukondain Kandukondain

06. Archana – Mozhi

05. Neelaambari – Padayappa

04. Indiran – Thillu Mullu

03. Velu Naicker – Naayagan

02. Veerapandiya Katta Bomman – Veerapandiya Katta Bomman

01. Senthil Nathan – Chandramuhki


ps: Enna Kodumai, Saravanan Ethu …..

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The Car 
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ok ok,

It seems to me the way they design the car alarm is so that the car will behave as if
it were a nervous, hysterical person. Anyone goes near it, anyone disturbs it, it just
goes, “Waahaahaahaah!” Lights flashing on and off, acting all crazy.

Not everyone wants to draw that much attention to themselves. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have a car alarm that was a little more subtle? Somebody tries to break in the car and it goes, “Uh, ahem. Ahem. Excuse me?” I would like a car alarm like that.


ps: I think i will own a car without an alarm.

ps2: I will own that car in JB

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Deaths a Bitchy Mistress 
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ok ok,

*Disclaimer: This Material is not intended for everyone. Parents should probably avoid this article like melamine rich Milk Powder and children should check back in a decade. People who love Jennifer Love Hewitt in “Ghost Whisperer” should turn back just about now. Parental Guidance is NOT advised.*

The other day i overhead this little boy in the bus asking his mommy what happens when a person dies. The mommy told him that the person goes to heaven.

Well … enough for a kid i suppose. But the real deal is, when we die, people cry, and then they sell our clothes and shoes. Thats about it.


ps: When i die, i wanna die in style.

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Getting the Message 
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ok ok,

It’s tough to do a good deed. Let’s look at your professional good-deed doers, your
Lone Rangers, your Supermen, your Batmen, your Spidermen. They’re all wearing
disguises, masks over their faces, secret identities. They don’t want people to know
who they are. Too much aggravation. “Superman, yeah thanks for saving my life, but
did you have to come through my wall? I’m renting here. They’ve got a deposit. Now what am I supposed to do?”


ps: I like the Tick and hate the NiteWing(Robin)

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Faith of the Fallen 
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ok ok,

That which does not become a part of the one, shall become one with the void.”

“Even in outer space, the darkness becomes a part of you.”


ps: Faith of the Fallen

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Thoughtless in Bukit Panjang 
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ok ok,

Sometimes, I think its better to be hurt by someone you know accidentally than being hurt by someone you don’t know on purpose.

Ok that’s all.


ps: I really don’t know if that makes sense.

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Meander to Your Dander 
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ok ok,

I would say the concept behind the car phone, and the phone machine, the speaker phone, the airline phone, the mobile phone, the pay phone, the cordless phone, the multi-line phone, the phone pager, the call waiting, the call forwarding, call conferencing, speed dialing, direct dialing, IDD and the redialing, is that we all have absolutely nothing to say, and we’ve got to talk to someone about it right now.

Cannot wait another second! I mean come on, you’re at home you’re on the phone, you’re in the car you’re making calls, and you get to work, “Any messages for me?” Come on, you’ve got to give people a chance to miss you a little bit.

The downside of the modern day message is it usually means somebody wants something from you. There are two types of favors, the big favor and the small favor. You can measure the size of the favor by the pause that a person takes after they ask you to “Do me a favor.” Small favor-small pause. “Can you do me a favor, hand me that pencil.” No pause at all. Big favors are, “Could you do me a favor. . . .” Eight seconds go by. “Yeah? What?” “. . . Well.” The longer it takes them to get to it, the bigger the pain it’s going to be. Hell on earth people. Hell on earth.

Humans are the only species that do favors. Animals don’t do favors. A tiger doesn’t go up to a goat and say, “Could you do me a favor and hold still, I’d like to eat you alive.” That’s a big favor even with if there was no pause.


ps: I dunt use a mobile phone any longer.

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