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Ok ok,

In a couple of days, we’ll all be done with 2007. If there’s anything memorable about it, it will be remembered as the year of inane price increases. Every single day, you woke up wondering what the hell was going to be next.

While people who live in other geographically challenged locations are contemplating about what storm or hurricane is going to hit next, I am wondering what price hike is going to hit next. If there was nothing in the papers, I usually spend ten minutes kneeling down and mouthing prayers to the lord God.

Today I was browsing through the ST and I can’t help but wondered if ST was actually written and published in an alternate dimension where nothing bad ever happens to Singapore. The Singapore that is written about in the pages of the ST sure as hell don’t seem like the Singapore that I am living in. Their year in review basically contains glowing articles about the wonderful economy and how every Singaporean is lying on a bed filled with money. Meanwhile in the real world, everyone and their grandmother is struggling to deal with the soaring inflation. Just about the only people who has something to smile about are the Jedi masters who are employing their cheap mind tricks on us.

Now that i know that ill probably be dead before i can take out and utilise my CPF money, i sleep better at night. The thought of slogging out the next 40 years and contributing to the economy and then dying before i can use that money makes me a patriot. No one has the right to tell me when and how to use MY MONEY, no one, not even my mom. Its mine and i want to waste my money buying life time supplies of marsh-mellows. I think in a couple of years, the minimum age to withdraw your cpf might go up to 180 years. God help us …

Meanwhile the bread and butter issues remains unanswered as the crazy inflation resembles a 800 pound gay gorilla sitting in your living room making lewd gestures at you that no one talks about. Its there, but all the Jedi circle is seemingly oblivious to it. I shuddered to think about what the low income families has to deal with everyday.

i pity those who actually voted in favour of the Jedi counsel. I guess you must be feeling pretty foolish by now. Its a given of course, prices was all going to jump after the election, but not even the smartest and most clairvoyant of us expected this. Whatever official figures they give us, double it and that’s the real figure you get for inflation.

For millionaires, these people seems remarkably bad at counting. You’d think the million of dollars they’ve “earned” would’ve given them good practice at counting. I suggest everyone who reads this take a moment to think about what is going to happen in the next 4 years.


ps: I hope to move to New Zealand next year.

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  1. katarn says:

    Hmm..only a sith would refer to those we should not mention as the jedi council…

  2. Archtomato says:

    Thats right …

    Rather be a Sith and walk the dark lonely path then be a morally self righteous bastards (jedi) and try to stuff my “stuff” down people’s throats.

    All i need now is my force lightning to nuke those jedi bastards.

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