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Ok ok,

In a couple of days, we’ll all be done with 2007. If there’s anything memorable about it, it will be remembered as the year of inane price increases. Every single day, you woke up wondering what the hell was going to be next.

While people who live in other geographically challenged locations are contemplating about what storm or hurricane is going to hit next, I am wondering what price hike is going to hit next. If there was nothing in the papers, I usually spend ten minutes kneeling down and mouthing prayers to the lord God.

Today I was browsing through the ST and I can’t help but wondered if ST was actually written and published in an alternate dimension where nothing bad ever happens to Singapore. The Singapore that is written about in the pages of the ST sure as hell don’t seem like the Singapore that I am living in. Their year in review basically contains glowing articles about the wonderful economy and how every Singaporean is lying on a bed filled with money. Meanwhile in the real world, everyone and their grandmother is struggling to deal with the soaring inflation. Just about the only people who has something to smile about are the Jedi masters who are employing their cheap mind tricks on us.

Now that i know that ill probably be dead before i can take out and utilise my CPF money, i sleep better at night. The thought of slogging out the next 40 years and contributing to the economy and then dying before i can use that money makes me a patriot. No one has the right to tell me when and how to use MY MONEY, no one, not even my mom. Its mine and i want to waste my money buying life time supplies of marsh-mellows. I think in a couple of years, the minimum age to withdraw your cpf might go up to 180 years. God help us …

Meanwhile the bread and butter issues remains unanswered as the crazy inflation resembles a 800 pound gay gorilla sitting in your living room making lewd gestures at you that no one talks about. Its there, but all the Jedi circle is seemingly oblivious to it. I shuddered to think about what the low income families has to deal with everyday.

i pity those who actually voted in favour of the Jedi counsel. I guess you must be feeling pretty foolish by now. Its a given of course, prices was all going to jump after the election, but not even the smartest and most clairvoyant of us expected this. Whatever official figures they give us, double it and that’s the real figure you get for inflation.

For millionaires, these people seems remarkably bad at counting. You’d think the million of dollars they’ve “earned” would’ve given them good practice at counting. I suggest everyone who reads this take a moment to think about what is going to happen in the next 4 years.


ps: I hope to move to New Zealand next year.

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Happy Festivus 
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Happy Festivus Everyone. No Posts today.

ps: A Tribute to Frank Costanza

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Off in a jet plane 
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– Up Up and Away –

– To KL this Weekend –

– Malaysia Boleh –

– Bumis take a hike –
– Badawi got Re-Married –

– While Johoreans get Ferried –

– Malaysia Boleh –

– Bumis take a hike –
– Up Up and Away –

– To KL this Weekend –

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Ok ok,

Anaivarukkum en manamaaruntha hajjiperunaal vaalthukal.

Joyous Eidul Adha Greetings from us at Archtomato.com


ps: Loved the mutton.

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The Game 
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Ok ok,

Who’s office champion at UT2004 and Counter-Strike Source?

Hell Yeah it’s me, but i still can’t win at DOTA for nuts. A wrong hero selection perhaps.

The old twitch shooter reflexes from school (that was nearly 8 years ago…) and the marksman power from the army are still in effect! Boo yeah!


ps: Gaming Rocks. COD4 tops everything else.

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Lazy Day 
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Ok ok,

First i attempted to communicate with a pen, but the writing was small, my memories easily forgotten. So next used i used a sidewalk chalk, but the rain washed it away, my memories gone forever. So i switched to spray paint and stencils but the cans exploded, causing damage to everything around me and my memories had caused grief and pain to others. So i stretched forth my fingers to the keyboard to forge the following.

I think overthrow something today for the fun of it. I’m too lazy to overthrow a whole government though. I’m even too lazy to overthrow a large, chaotic business on the verge of collapse!

So I guess I just have to settle for rule breaking today. That seems like an awful lot of work, too! Maybe rule bending?

Oh well… I’m too lazy today to do anything interesting. My brain hurts and I have writer’s block.

I’m going to bed.


ps: Over-Indulgence is a sin.

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Silent Shrieks – The Writer’s Block Series 
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Ok ok,

I’m sure my avid readers have been absolutely devastated at my lack of posting of late.

Truth be told, between general life business, episodes of cold, and bouts of insomnia (I know, insomnia should add to the posting, not detract from it), I just haven’t had a lot of time left open for posting. Added to this has been my general weariness with world events.

It is not that I lack opinions on the cartoon cacophony that has deafened both mass media and blogs these last few days, but in many ways I simply feel like everything that can be said has been said and everything that can be done are still left undone. I mean, what’s new right?

Firstly there’s the Bee movie. It is truly a starling example of a B-movie. People are not bees and we do not have a hive mind. I certainly don’t feel just funny because the movie makers think it is. Spielberg is still dreaming about all things but possibilities and Jerry Seinfeld should have come back from season 10 instead. I really want to meet the man, more to give him a big “I TOLD YOU SO” more than anything else.

Nuke baddies are still active in the fair world and they are getting stronger. I just cannot get enough of them and if you ask me they are not getting enough air time on TV. The political situation in Pakistan is becoming really embarrassing and the next time I hear about Pervez, I am probably gonna nuke him.

On the light side, Elton John (Sir) is still gay, not to mention cool and rocking and Beckham still sucks.

It has become obvious that a certain country has just finished conducting a Summit a few days back. Its probably just a huge giant BS that is a socialising opportunity for the bigwigs and will not do anything useful for anyone.

I would like to question the motive of such a preposterous proposition but I shall hold my tongue in check, in fear of having my blog frozen, my family deported to Alaska, and me being assigned to a correction facility for a lifetime voluntary service. Add this to the recent freak deaths that occurred in the Cambodia dragon boat saga, which sucked by the way, and I just feel a little overwhelmed.

Nor is the first time, either that I have felt overwhelmed or that I have had to step back from news consumption simply because I had to give my mind a break. It is difficult being in a position of so little power with so great an inclination to make a difference.


ps: Still waiting for new powerhouse notebook.

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Like all good men 
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Ok ok,

Let’s say you’re the manservant to a really really rich guy who lives alone. The really really rich guy dies in his sleep. You know he owns a large piece of priceless antique that no one else has seen for a few hundred years, and you have access to it.

If you steal the piece of antique, sell it, and give the money to a charity organisation (exclude NKF please … ) or maybe a village in vietnam, you can feed an entire population for a year. The village would otherwise starve. If you don’t steal the antique, it will go to his surviving family who has so much money they won’t care about it.

Obviously it is illegal to steal the antique and feed the starving village in Vietnam. But do you have a moral obligation to commit the crime for the greater good?

And if so, do you likewise have a moral obligation to steal anything else you can get your hands, from other really really rich dead guys or living neighbors, if you can use the stolen property for the greater good?

ps: Helping yourself does not count.

ps2: Helping your mother does not count too

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A Dark Speech 
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They cannot scare me with their empty spaces;

Between stars – on stars where no human race is.

I have it in me so much nearer home;

To scare myself with my own desert places.

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Ok ok,

When Fortuna selects her agents;

She does so at a cost.

She makes demands in exchange for singularity.

And if it is you she chooses, don’t blink;

For you might might be forced to do something against your very nature.

Suddenly the changes that should have been wonderful;

Come to you as a betrayal, plunging cold into you like a curved dagger.

It may seem cruel to me and you,

And in all sense it rightfully may be;

But the goal is nothing short of self preservation.

Nothing more than Survival.

ps: I don’t make wishes when i blow away candles.

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