Taking the ‘He’ out of Helix 
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Ok ok,
I was lazing around the office watching Starwars EP3 DVD today when i came across this book. "Are men neccessary", by Maureen Dowd.
"Men already have their eviction notice from the planet since geneticists agree that the Y-chromosone is melting faster than the wicked witch of the west.There are some who think in 100,00 years or so, We’ll just need a few semen slaves to milk and that women can handle the rest from refinancing to reproduction, on their own. Do you want to apply for that job?", says dowd.
Not if i were the last man on earth, mars and jupiter with a lot of naked women by my side. For Dowd, the question of whether men are biologically nessessary is secondary. The basis argument is not that men are expendable, but that men suck.
Sure. Men are responsible for the pyramids, the Magna Carta, Brown Sugar, the Ipod, motion pictures, the landing on the moon, smallpox vaccine, theory of relativity, Coca-Cola and the Great wall of China. But men still suck. They are mean, ignorant, short tempered, and love to play with the remote. Infact, lets start a "Lets-Make-Men-Extinct" movement an turn the control to the miffed, pissed off, dateless and insane women.
Dowds’s words and ideas maybe be funny and lighthearted, i grant her that, But what worries me is that what starts out as a fringe movement, may quietly gather gale force and crush everything in its path, including me.
Today, we can laugh at the notion that men may be replaced, just like we laughed when Bill Gates claimed "16mb of Ram is enough for everyone".
Tomorrow, there may be none of us eft to laugh. Worse is, some of the people propagating the notion that men are extraneous, are men themselves. Well, girlie men.
I hope for all our sakes, that Dowd doesnt get the last laugh.
ps: My mother gave birth to me. God bless her soul. I hate Girly-Men.

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2 Tomatoes thrown at Article: “Taking the ‘He’ out of Helix”
  1. Anonymous says:

    Its me. Anonymous again. Why do ye hate women so much? Why must you say so much spiteful things?

    I hope ye rot in ye sleep

  2. Archtomato says:

    Hello, Anonymous. I was starting to think you didnt visit anymore.

    Thank You for being my number one fan, even though you just dunt have the guts to leave your contact information.

    Anyway, i write what i feel and i write good english with clear precise concepts. No bullshits.

    Write me a hate mail will ya, maybe gimme something to talk about.


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