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Visualised by archtomato On Friday, October 28, 2005 at 12:31 Hrs | Minimum B.S.
Alrighty then,
First of all, lets start with a "Ennaatudaiya Iravaa potri". Now that thats outta the way, lets get down to business. Will be busy working again for atleast another month. After that i will be unemployed again and will design emile’s blog for him. Meanwhile, my current job requires me to travel alot. Past 2 days, i have travelled the entire Jurong area + 2nd Link. Fucking huge place. Anyway i go to all places in Singapore to setup systems for them and do software installation for them. Very simple and dummy proof. I sure even the EYE can do this job.
As you all know im vicious and evil. The company i work for is very popular in government sector, plus the project im work for is a nationwide project for IDA. So when i leave after a month, my resume is gonna look abit more impressive. Plus, the dumb shits put me as technical team lead. Me? … Very easy to skive also, just call in sick maybe once a week and the whole is yours. Pay sucks lah but im into this shitty thing for my resume and so called "experience".I am gonna fake that i celebrate Deepavali, then i am gonna fake im a mixed and i also celebrate Hari Raya. So next week im gonna be M.I.A for atleast 2 days. Take that you stupid Hr managers. 
Moving on the other matters, I was invited to lunch by Sleeping beauty Aka Ali teethman. Well beauty, im werking this week and the next. i will however call u up after that and get my free meal off u. We all know liverpool fc sucks but i did it for u anyway. I also heard that Jason from Recriut Express called Mophead. Well mop, u aint getting nowhere with this shit.
Yesterday, when i was coming back home when Aunty was bringing E-cai to the temple coz it was staying sick after the BBQ. Sad, tragic yes, but thats life. The medium claimed that it was sick due to some supernatural factors. Wheres Mel gill when u need him. So now we are waiting to see when E-cai gets better.
I am intending to change my blog to a technology blog on PC hardware and mobile technology. Its my hope to do up a good page and get money from sponsors for ads. Watch this space.
ps: I hate Jurong and everyone living there !!!
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  1. naz says:

    I guess the EYE can do it cos it’s a dummy?

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